Team Teaching #NonProfitSM4 Presentation

On Monday, April 16th, my #NewhouseSM4 group presented our findings about #NonProfitSM4 and #socialmedia. Above you’ll find our presentation on slideshare and my storify curation transcript of the event. To put together the presentation, my group used Google Docs (love the editing tools where you can see the changes others make) and Pearltrees to keep track of the valuable information we found. I wish I could figure out how to successfully embed my Pearltree! I plan to ask @Dr4Ward tomorrow in class. Anyway, I think the most successful part of this project was being able to reach out to social media professionals that worked with nonprofits and get an immediate response. Also, learning how to use Google Hangouts successfully was so cool! I plan to use that tool again for sure. Enjoy this post and my posts below relating to my #NonProfitSM4 project.


#NonProfitSM4 Presentation - @Maddy_Perez

This is the slideshare presentation for my #NonProfitSM4 Team Teaching Project for #NewhouseSM4. Enjoy!

Trying out PearlTrees in #NewhouseSM4

I just set up my PearlTrees account, and I’m just getting used to it! Looking forward to learning more about using it in class! Here it is:

Safely Stage 2 on the Social Engagement Journey

My experience with social media started on the first day of #NewhouseSM4 class. Before then, I wouldn’t even say I was near Stage 1 on The Social Engagement Journey’s stages.

Below shows how I felt at the start of the class, only making a muddied hand print on the world of media—in other words, I was lost.

This is what I felt like when I started, only making a muddied handprint on the world of social media. In other words, I was lost.

As we reach the midway mark in the class I think I can say I am on Stage 2 now (for those who don’t know, that means I actually am able to use #Social Media, thanks @HootSuiteU for the @HootSuite certification!) because I have dabbled in various social platforms (check out my Twitter page) and I now am able to monitor conversation. I still have a lot to learn, but already learning about social media is a big step. Learning to make social media a daily habit has been the hardest part, because sometimes it’s easy to feel that other things take priority. I think the regularity of my #Social Media class has helped me get used to logging on frequently, and already #Social Media has put me in contact with people I would’ve never had any reach to otherwise. I can’t wait to use #Social Media in my job search after graduation, because it’s a tool that I am still learning the benefits of. Let’s hope I’m as successful as this guy, he’s a freelancer/social media user! Check it out here.

(The Completely Honest) “Confessions of a Social Media Rookie” Response

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Maria Prysock from Edelman Digital, Chicago posted “Confessions of a Social Media Rookie,” and two words describe my reaction to this piece: extremely accurate. Maria talks about what it’s like to dive headfirst into the ever-changing social media world, and how she loves it. She describes the job as “having my brain go 100 mph these days!” because she has to manage various social media accounts, including multiple pages on  Twitter to Facebook. Her main points is that the social media world is ever changing and has a huge impact in the world, and those can be two positives about working in social media.

This is where I go to school, and I love it.

This is where I go to school, and I love it.

Hello, World.

Hi. My name is Maddy and this is my first Tumblr post. I’m excited to be here and as time passes, I’ll streamline what I’ll be sharing with the Internet world (in other words, I’m not sure what to blog about yet). Hope to make this blogging thing a favorite of mine!

Talk to you all soon,