Safely Stage 2 on the Social Engagement Journey

My experience with social media started on the first day of #NewhouseSM4 class. Before then, I wouldn’t even say I was near Stage 1 on The Social Engagement Journey’s stages.

Below shows how I felt at the start of the class, only making a muddied hand print on the world of media—in other words, I was lost.

This is what I felt like when I started, only making a muddied handprint on the world of social media. In other words, I was lost.

As we reach the midway mark in the class I think I can say I am on Stage 2 now (for those who don’t know, that means I actually am able to use #Social Media, thanks @HootSuiteU for the @HootSuite certification!) because I have dabbled in various social platforms (check out my Twitter page) and I now am able to monitor conversation. I still have a lot to learn, but already learning about social media is a big step. Learning to make social media a daily habit has been the hardest part, because sometimes it’s easy to feel that other things take priority. I think the regularity of my #Social Media class has helped me get used to logging on frequently, and already #Social Media has put me in contact with people I would’ve never had any reach to otherwise. I can’t wait to use #Social Media in my job search after graduation, because it’s a tool that I am still learning the benefits of. Let’s hope I’m as successful as this guy, he’s a freelancer/social media user! Check it out here.